Special 5th Gotcha Day for Booyah

Booyah celebrated his 5th Gotcha Day on November 27th.  Since we were already spending the week of Thanksgiving with family in Gainesville, Florida, we thought it would be nice for the pups to take a trip 2 hours South to the Rescue Kennel we adopted them from.  All four of our pups came from the GPA-GO rescue kennel.  We were very happy to get to meet some of the volunteers and they were very happy to see all of our pups.  Booyah spent 7 months in this kennel until he found his forever home and the girls volunteering at the kennel had become quiet attached to him.  🙂  It was a very nice reunion.

Mitch and I got the tour of the facility.  They have a really nice, new store.  Mitch got a new T-shirt and I got a Gators coat for Booyah.  The picture below was taken at our house last weekend.  Too hot still this time of year to wear a coat in Florida.

Although it did cross my mind to drive up to UF and get a picture of him with his Gators collar and coat on in front of the stadium, but Saturday was a big game day (UF vs. FSU) and the traffic was unreal.  Maybe next time.  🙂

We left the kids to relax in the front with a few other hounds and some of the volunteers while we got a tour of the kennel.  We were shown where Booyah, Maggie and Pippi’s kennels were during their stay.  They also shared stories about the current dogs and their memories of our pups.

We met every dog in the kennel.  They are all sweet and beautiful.  Hard to visit and not leave with an extra, but we managed to make it out of there with only our four.  We know that they are well taken care of at this rescue kennel, but it was still heart wrenching to see this is how they live day in and day out.  It is one thing to be told and try to imagine their lifestyle, it is completely another when you see it with your own two eyes.  Just sad.  I don’t think I will ever want to visit a racing kennel……..my blood may begin to boil.

I did not snap too many pictures, which I regret now, but it is your standard kennel set up with top and bottom crates.  Girls in the top crates and boys in the bottom ones.  The kennel is full!

Below are a few of the dogs we had the opportunity to met and love on.  🙂

Above is Sundae.  She was a doll and so very sweet!  She was heading to her forever home on Sunday.  How very fitting.  🙂

Below is Mr. Bones.  He never raced and has been waiting for his forever home for two years.  His back leg is deformed and he needs a home with no other dogs and where he will receive all the attention.  We hope he finds his forever home very soon.  He is very sweet and has such soulful eyes.  He had a rough life before coming to the kennel and he deserves a loving home where he will be center of attention.

 And lastly, this is Tippie.  She is a super friendly and sweet, beautiful black girl.  She is going to make some lucky family very happy.  Her energy is contagious!

While we were out getting some kennel cutie love, our hounds were chilling in the office up front.

Maggie makes friends with Bob.  🙂

Booyah made himself right at home.

Pippi stands guard at the door.  🙂

And Cueball stays close to his brother.

 It was great visit and a unique way to celebrate 5 years with Booyah!  Happy Gotcha Day Booyah; we love you so much!!!!

Stay tuned……we have more to share about our trip to Gainesville, FL for Thanksgiving coming up in our next post.