Ziva’s 7, CG ’17 Calendars and Welcome Trooper

It has been a while….again.  I thought I would get better at updating this blog, but my good intentions have failed.  We have been busy with remodeling and projects with the house.  So far we have landscaped the front and back yard, renovated one bathroom, have painted the office, office built in desk, dining room, foyer, guest bedroom, the skylight area and the two guest bedrooms; and have begun prep work for our future screened in patio.  It has been a lot of work, but well worth it!!  We are so looking forward to the completion of the screened patio, especially since you can enjoy being outside for 9 out of 12 months here in Texas.

With all the business, we have also had some great  things to celebrate too.  On the 28th of September, Miss Ziva the Diva turned 7….officially a senior now, but not slowing down one bit.  She is still wild as ever, loves her squeaky toys and romps in the yard. She is doing fantastic!   I am so proud of the dog she has become.  It wasn’t always easy in the beginning, she had a bit of a rough start in her first forever home, but over the last year she has really blossomed into an amazing dog!!  She now tolerates Pippi’s antics in the yard and does not retaliate even though Pippi is in her face trying to nip.  She no longer needs to wear her muzzle when we are not here or while they play in the yard….I trust her now.  This took a long, long time but I am so glad we have got to this point.  I will never be able to trust her around small dogs, and I am perfectly okay with that.  We take her muzzle with us any time we go for a walk or any trips, including to the vet.  She will always be a Diva!  We are so fortunate she is part of our family, she truly has taught me so much and has rewarded us in so many ways.

She got two news toys for her Birthday and got an extended play in the yard with her toys.  That is the perfect Birthday for a girl who loves toys!  I just love the pure joy in her eyes when she sees a toy.


She is one pretty little girl.  We hope to share many more years to come and already have several great adventures planned over the next year.  Happy Birthday Zoot Toot!


We got the news in August that a few of my photos made it into the Wall and Desk Celebrating Greyhounds Calendars for 2017.  It is always so exciting to open those calendars every year and look at all the beautiful hounds.  Congrats to all who made it in.  I am very honored to have my photos selected.

Here are the ones I took that made it in.

And, on Sunday we welcomed our sixth Greyhound home!!  We were all missing having a male greyhound in the family so it was time to “chip” again.  His racing name was Pondas Trooper, we are calling him Trooper.  He is only two, but calm for a two year old.  He is a velcro dog, very sweet, loves people and the girls approved of him from day one!  He came in to our home and made himself right at home from the start, like this is where he belonged and where he has always meant to be.  He has already learned our routine, sleeps through the night, loves toys, loves going for walks and car rides.  He is tail wagging, happy and very handsome.  He loves to Roo and Roach and is protective of the house.  He barks and growls to alert us that someone is on our property. He is also our first fawn greyhound.  We were not looking for a particular color, age or size, we just wanted a male that was laid back and would get along well with the Diva.  They have all had no confrontation and are getting along great both inside the house and out in the yard.  Such a relief!  Welcome home Trooper!

Here are a few pictures of our handsome guy.  More to come.