The Beauty of Fall

Fall is our most favorite time of year.  The scenery is just beautiful and the weather is perfect for the pups to be out and about all day.  Last weekend we took a trip to one of our favorite parks in Richmond, Maymont Park.  The leaves are beginning to change and the colors were just gorgeous!

IMG_1552 IMG_1565IMG_1607

A friend of ours took this beautiful photo of us with my camera.IMG_1515

The start of the fall season also brought changes for our family.  After 5 years of being in business for himself, my husband Mitch, closed Air Repair and began working a new job.  It was a good 5 years, but being in business for yourself comes with a unique set of challenges. I am proud of him for taking the leap. He has worked really hard and the future is looking bright.

With the closing of the business, it was time for us to obtain a “new to us” vehicle since the work van was not practical nor economical for every day use. Mitch also was not too keen on driving the minivan on a daily basis. The Pilot will also allow for us to purchase a camper next year and get back into camping. We both tent camped alot growing up and quite a bit before we adopted the pups and miss those adventures.

Honda Pilot

The pups have given it a 12 paws up approval!  We of course took them out for a ride the first day we owned it.  🙂


We took a ride out to wine taste at Lake Anna Winery and Cooper Vineyards.  The skies were beautiful.  The leaves were just beginning to change color on the grapevines.

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The girls and I took some selfies.

Pippi and I the girls and I

We drove by Lake Anna on our way to Cooper Vineyards. Very pretty.

lake anna

The pictures on our last post for Black and White Sunday were also taken at Cooper Vineyards.  We have one more trip planned to see some beautiful fall foliage before the trees lose all their beautiful leaves and the dreary winter arrives.