We finally got our fence installed.  Well, most of it is done.  We have two sections of temporary fencing up until Dominion Power can make it out here to bury the power line.  The kids are thrilled to finally be able to run and roam free.  We are happy to not have to leash walk four dogs 6 times a day!

Below are just a few pics from the pups first romp in their new yard.  🙂  I think their bubbles say “Freedom!”

At age 11 and 1/2, Maggie does not run much anymore.  So we took the opportunity to have our picture taken together under the Magnolia after the action from the other pups was over.

The Magnolia is my favorite tree in our new backyard.  Unfortunately, it has not been maintained very well.  It is pretty stumpy and wide instead of full and tall like most Magnolia’s we have seen.  We got some advice from Southern States on the proper way to prune.  Spring is the perfect time to do this.  We removed a lot of the lower branches.  We don’t think it has ever been pruned, so we took care of that last weekend.

It looks so much better and hopefully will start to get taller.  🙂

Back inside, the pups have been doing great with the new no laying on the living room furniture rule.  🙂  I guess dogs can break familiar habits.

Pippi loves to be wherever the sunshine is.

Maggie loves all the sunbeams from the big bay window.

Cueball loves the den……..

but spends most of his lounging time on our bed.

 We are all settling in nicely in our new place.  I think the pups are happy with their new home and new yard.  We sure are!

Snow play

The last weekend in our first home we got snow.  It wasn’t enough to amount to much of anything, just a dusting really, but it sure was pretty watching it fall.  The pups all love to play in the snow.  I only managed to get one good action shot of Cueball running in the snow (below), but it had me remanicising about all the fun we have had watching the pups play in the snow over the years.

I went back through the snow pics I have saved on my computer.  I have more that have been moved to CD’s, but they are boxed up somewhere at the moment.  😉

Here are some of my favorites over the last year or so.  We hope you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with us.


Booyah and Cueball:




We have had two snowfalls, which did not amount to anything but a dusting, since moving into our new home.  Without a fence up yet, I have not been taking any outdoor pics.  The fence work should be done this week and just in time for the arrival of spring.  I am hoping to get some great shots in our new backyard and the pups are ready for a good romp.  Cueball has been quiet restless.  🙂  I am hoping for a snowy winter too.  I can’t wait to see the pups play in the snow in their new yard.

It is that time of year again to start going through photos and getting them ready for submission to the CG 2013 calendar. It is always fun looking back at photos!   I may send a few above in as well.   We will see.  If we even get one in, we feel very honored, as hundreds, maybe even thousands are submitted each year.

If you would like to submit your greyhounds photos, here’s how:

The Deadline is April 6th for submitting photos to be in the 2013 Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar.

To submit a photo, please include your name and address, your dog’s name, and your adoption group’s name and location ON EACH PHOTO. The information should be printed on tape or a label before applying it to the back of the photo so as to avoid damaging the image. If you got your dogs directly from the racing owner or trainer, from a shelter or any other source, that’s great; they are all just as eligible for the calendar as dogs that are placed by an adoption group.
Prints of any size are acceptable. It is generally better not to try to enlarge a smaller print yourself. The original is usually clearer and easier to work with. And the calendar staff will have greater success at producing the enlargements than you will. Digital photos are welcome, and should be on a CD with individual printouts clearly marked with the photo name/number. Be sure your full name, address, your dog’s name, and your adoption group’s name and location is on EACH printout as well as the CD.
If you have photos that were taken by someone else, please obtain their written permission for us to use the photos. An email from the photographer is acceptable for this purpose. If the photo was taken at a nursing home, school or therapy program of some sort, please obtain permission from the school and program and include a copy with your submission.
Photo selection is typically done by a group of volunteers in mid-April for the following year. We receive hundreds of photos, so please limit submissions to your very best shots.
Please, please, please, label everything. There is nothing more frustrating than sorting through all the photos that we want to use only to find that one of them is anonymous. It’s usually one of the really great pictures that we want.
All submissions should be sent to:
The Greyhound Project, Inc. Attn: Calendar photos P.O. Box 5239 Framingham, MA 01701
The photos for the calendar are selected by a group of Greyhound adopters. The members of the group change from year to year, depending on who is around and wants to come play on the weekend that we gather around a big table and go through the photos. The people looking at the photos generally won’t know the people or the dogs in the pictures. They are looking for the images that ‘speak’ to them and fit the applicable theme and design of the calendar.
Photos that are not used in the calendar are passed along to CG Magazine and may appear in a future issue. Sorry, but we are not able to return photos.

Good luck to all who submit!!

We hope everyone is enjoying the start of Spring!