Stuck…..Between a Rock and a Hard Place

er…… okay it wasn’t really literally a rock and a hard place, but Cueball had an interesting night Friday.

First you will need some background info. to understand our bed time routine.  Once the fur kids are done with their final potty break each night, between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m., we head upstairs for bed.  Cueball is usually the first one to rush upstairs so that he can get his favorite spot on our old couch, which is covered with soft fleece blankets to hide its ugliness. 🙂  Cueball loves his bankies!

Friday night he was the first hound upstairs, but decided to lay on the double stacked dog beds by my side of the bed, which are positioned like this……

I thought it unusual, but did not try to get him to move.  Booyah took the couch spot since Cueball had decided on another spot to lay.  Maggie sleeps on the bed with us and Pippi sleeps on double stacked dog beds on the floor on Mitch’s side of the bed.

It was a quiet night.  We all slept well, or so I thought.  We were awakened by Booyah and his cold nose in our face.  🙂  I got up turned on the hall light and called the pups out for potty.  Booyah, Maggie and Pippi were accounted for.  No Cueball.  I scanned the bedroom and hall and did not see him.  We sleep with our bedroom door closed, so I knew he had to be somewhere in the room.  I started to panic.  Where could he be?  I called his name again.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw his legs and part of his nose from under our bed.  I yelled for Mitch to get up and help me to push the bed.  Cueball was stuck!  His legs were moving back and forth, like he was trying to attempt to get up.  Below is the spot where he was laying.

We got the bed moved so that he could stand up.  He seemed a bit sore, but okay.  We are not sure how he managed to wiggle himself underneath the bed.  We are puzzled at why he did not yelp or bark to let us know.  Who knows how long he was laying like that.  😦  He is usually a very vocal dog and will let you know when he wants or needs something.

I don’t have any pictures of him underneath the bed.  I was too concerned at the time with just getting him out.  Afterwards, I measured the space between the floor and the wood slat on my side of our sleigh bed.  It is 7 inches.  Underneath the bed between the floor and the bottom of the box spring is 9 inches.  I also noticed the beds he was laying on were pushed towards the couch (see below).

Yesterday he yelped a few times when he changed position in the way he was laying.  He must still be sore was my initial thought.  This morning for the after breakfast potty break he was given a dog biscuit for his treat.  While chewing a piece broke off.  He was unable to bend down to pick up part of his biscuit he was chewing.  He instead was trying to use his paw to move it closer to him.

So now I am a bit worried and feel a vet visit is in order.  Mitch and I both witnessed this and we both tried to do an exam on him to see if he had any painful spots.  We did not get any painful or negative reaction during our examination.  I gave him half of a Rimadyl and he is now resting.

Hoping he is going to be okay.  Maybe he is just still sore or lame from laying on one side all night and not being able to lift or move his body much?  i am hoping that this is all that it is and it is not something more serious.  Just not sure.  I have never experienced this before with any of my dogs.  Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

Cuteness and I’m honored

Not too much going on lately, just trying to get our property back in order after the wake of hurricane Irene.  We have been very busy with lots of yard work clean up.  We did get our power back after being without for 8 days.  🙂

We were thrilled to see the repair guys pull into our driveway.  It was a relief to know power would be restored soon.  Mitch plays supervisor.

I have some cute pictures to share which I have taken over the last month or so.  Below is Sunday, who we doggie sat a few weekends ago,  getting some ear scritches from Mitch.

Booyah sleeping on the couch.  Why do they sleep with their heads hanging off the couch?  This can’t be that comfortable.

Synchronized napping session.

Cueball in his favorite chair.  I hate this chair.  It is the “Frazier” chair in our house.  If you ever seen the sitcom Frazier, you will understand what I mean.  It is a misfit.

Mags gets a turn.

Pippi chillin by the breeze that was flowing in from the top portion of our new storm door, which coincidently we purchased after Hurricane Irene, to stay cool.  this was taken during our time without power.  We knew the house was getting a bit warm when Pippi started laying on the cool tile.  She is usually the last to complain about being too warm.  Unfortunately our generator cannot power the A/C.  Luckily it wasn’t too long after this was taken that we finally got power back.

Booyah just being cute.

Pippi squeezes into the smallest spot on the couch.

I am very honored to have two of my pictures selected to be in the CG calendar for 2012.  🙂  We received our copy on Saturday.  Congrats to all those whose pictures made the calendar.  =)  Both calendars are packed full of beautiful photos!!  If you would like to get your own copy, the adoption group I volunteer with is selling some.  Just visit VAGA’s store.  Flipping through both the desk and wall calendar, I was happy to see some of our greyhound friends made it in as well (Stanley, Stella, Paker and Jamie from Genji’s corner  , Anna from Greyhound Fairytales and Macy from Treasure What You Have blogs).

Pippi (below) makes it in to the wall calendar.

And Sunday (below) on her adoption day makes it into the desk calendar.  🙂

Lastly, for cuteness.  Below is Finley, Sunday’s brother, taking a nap.

Saude Creek Winery visit

A month ago, Mitch, myself and our good friends Jackie and Trevor made a trip to Saude Creek Winery in Lanexa, Virginia.  Another winery less than 30 minutes from our house, yippee!!!

Jackie and Trevor’s son, Collin, came along with us.  He is a very well-behaved 3-year-old and a lot of fun to have around!  Jackie and I go way back.  We have been friends since 8th grade.  We were best friends in high school and lost touch after going to two different colleges.  We reconnected last year through Facebook.  It is like good old times again!  It is great to have friends who you have not seen in years and reconnect with so quickly like time never passed.  We are fortunate to have found each other again and have made a promise to not let losing touch ever happen again.  🙂

Anywho, back to the winery.  This is fairly young winery.  Just opened to the public in July of this year.  We tried their wine at the Virginia Wine Expo back in February and have been waiting for the opening.  Like most VA reds I have tried, I did not care for their reds but did enjoy their whites.  I did like their Chambourcin wine though.  The winery itself is beautiful.  The people are friendly too.  They are starting to have bands play on Friday evenings.  We plan to go to one of these Friday night events.  It will be so nice to be able to enjoy events like this so close to home.  We have been envious of others in other areas of the state being able to attend events like this at wineries close to them.  Now we finally have something to do so close to home on a Friday evening.  YAY!!!

Mitch and Trevor check out the listing for the tasting.

Jackie and lil buddy Collin in front of the winery’s beautiful fireplace.

Jackie, Collin and Trevor.  The winery has a huge wrap around porch with lots of seating.  They also have a patio and upper level deck.  The porch has lots of ceiling fans so it stays nice and cool.

Mitch and I enjoying a glass of the Saude Creek Vidal Blanc.

The view from the upper deck.

Another view from the upper deck.  You can see the patio and the “cat walk” part of the lower deck which leads to the huge wrap around porch.

You can see the Pamunkey River from the upper deck.

And Westpoint.

Trevor posing as the thinking man cracks Mitch up.

We had a great time.  We will be visiting again very soon.  🙂  Hope my wine friends in Virginia will venture East to check out this winery.  😉

Distress Call

Cueball is making a distress call to Dominion VA power.

Please fix our power.  We have been very patient.  8 days is enough.  We have enjoyed quality family time and the feel of “camping” in our own home, but now it is time for some much needed cooling air of A/C.  Thank you, Cueball!