Hybrid Addition

I am a little late in posting this exciting news.  I had some major lap top computer issues that have just been fixed, yay.  🙂  It is so nice to have an IT guy in the family.  On June 5th, I picked up a return dog named Ziva for VAGA to foster until a new home could be found.  She was returned due to no fault of her own and after only two days of being in her home. 

We had helped transport her and another sweet senior female to the VA Beach area for VAGA on the June Haul.


After three days as our foster dog Mitch asked me if we could keep her.  I told him that I was not ready to bring another hound into our family after just losing Maggie and Booyah.  I also told him that VAGA was working diligently to find Ziva a new forever home and that if he was serious about wanting to adopt her, then he should call and let them know. 

With time, Mitch convinced me that adopting another hound was an excellent way to honor Booyah and Maggie.  And Ziva was a perfect match for us. She has traits similar to both Maggie and Booyah.  She is like a “hybrid” of both. We could not have asked for a more perfect match.  Sometimes things are just meant to be even when you think you aren’t quite ready.  

I should have known she was here to stay after her first night with us.  She was in my lap a few minutes after walking through our door.


She was making herself right at home and enjoying the comfort of a couch within the first week of being with us.
Ziva 1
After two weeks of being here, she began sleeping with us on the bed. On my side, curled up next to me just like my Maggie Mae. She is another momma’s girl.
It may have taken me some time to figure out she was a keeper but now she is here to stay and we could not be happier that she is part of our family!
We will have more pictures of her to share soon.

Late Spring evenings

Very late in posting this, but wanted to share these cute photos of Pippi and Cueball enjoying our late Spring. It was so nice to actually have a Spring this year! We usually go from cold to hot with barely any time in between to enjoy nice weather. In late May, we put a blanket down in the front yard and just hung out in the evenings with the pups. Now that we are in July, we know our outdoor time will be limited with the extreme heat.

I wish our weather was Spring like all year round. Like we do in the winter time when it gets cold, we also hibernate inside in the summer when it is very hot. We certainly miss our pool at our first house. That made it tolerable to be out in the heat!

The pups are just happy and content on being where ever we are. Cueball really enjoyed the breeze, the smells in the air and the feel of the cool grass.

Pippi enjoyed the soft blanket and watching the world go by.

He is a stunning looking hound, isn’t he?

He knows it too!


Pippi is our super sweet girl. She loves to be loved. I love her heart shaped gray face! She is so cute.

The feel of cool grass is so refreshning.

Pippi says watching the world go by is a lot of fun.

I just love these two of her. Look at those ears!!

Such a pretty girl.

I admit, I have been very slack in blogging and keeping up with reading blogs over the last two months. I need to get better at both. I started this blog about nine months after we adopted Maggie. Over the last month, I have gone back and read almost every post. I am so glad I have those posts, it brought back such wonderful memories of our time with Booyah and Maggie. Although we miss both terribly and it certainly has been a rough six months, life goes on and we are fortunate to have each other and our furry children to share it with.

We hope everyone is staying cool this summer! We have more to share, including some exciting news…..stay tuned!