Cueball update

Just a quick update.  Cueball was seen by our primary vet on Tuesday.  Dr. G examined his left foot.  It is not fractured.  She was not sure what it was, so she drew some fluid off and sent it to Pathology.  The results came back today.  No cancer cells are present.  He has a joint infection.  Antibiotics, Rimadyl and time should heal him.  We are going to monitor him closely.  Cueball says thank you for all the well wishes and hopes to be feeling better soon!

Sunny Portraits

I am trying to improve my photography skills.  I recently ordered the dSLR Photography for Dummies book and have reached out on FB for some other options for taking an online or local course.  I would like to thank everyone who responded and provided me with options/info. (you know who you are). I appreciate it!  Today is my last day of my mini summer vacation.  I took a few days off to help Mitch install the upper kitchen cabinets. I know, sounds like fun, right?  It will be so worth it when it is all complete.  Long way to go.  Installing the lower cabinets and new countertop is the next phase.  We hope to have this completed by early December. Today, I have been mainly lounging around the house with the pups.  They very much have enjoyed me being home.  Maggie will have a rude awakening tomorrow when I go back to work.  She may require her Thundershirt and anxiety med.  I have not left the house, except to do a Home Visit for VAGA yesterday and to take Maggie to the vet last Thursday.  She will freak out on me, I know it, but she will get over it.  🙂 I enjoyed the quality time with all the pups over the last 5 days!

Anywho, I would love some feedback from you on these photos. For now, I am practicing outdoor portraits.  I am fortunate to have so many talented photo taking blogging friends and value your opinions.  🙂  I just installed some photo editing software and have been playing around with it today.  I usually don’t do anything to my photos except for the occasional cropping. I am trying all sorts of new things.  🙂

For editing, I just used the color enhance function on this photo.

For this photo of Booyah, I edited using color enhance and white balance.  Black dogs are tricky to photograph.  I hope to learn some good tips/tricks on how to improve.  I still like the photo though.

Same editing functions on this one.  I love Booyah’s ears and expression.  He is always such a happy boy.

Just used color enhance on this one. Cueball is a natural in the sun.  He loves to lay around. Makes for an easy subject to practice with.

I look forward to hearing your opinions and tips.  🙂


Sleeping beauties

I hope we still have readers out there.  If so, please leave us a comment, so we know you are stopping by. 🙂  I am debating on whether or not to continue with this blog.

Not much going on in the Ridlon abode, outside of remodeling the kitchen, we have been enjoying our summer from the comfort of indoors.  If what I have read from several weather forecasts is true, we are in for a cold and snowy winter. I say bring it on!  After the summer we have had, which has been brutally hot and miserable with all the misquitos, I am looking forward to the possibility of a cold, snowy winter.  🙂

Just some cute pics for now of the girls catching some Z’s.







A quick update on health.  Booyah continues to do well.  Maggie had a repeat ECG and even on her anxiety meds, she still has an irregular heartbeat, so we are making an appt. to see the cardiologist.  Cueball will be making a trip to the vet tomorrow for a swollen, painful toe. We have been trying to mend it since Friday with limited activity and Rimadyl, but it is not getting any better and is very tender to the touch so to the vet we go.


We hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  We are looking forward to some outdoor fun with family and friends.