BBH 2014, Ziva turns 5! and 2015 Celebrating Greyhounds Calendars


After a two year hiatus, we finally made it back to Beach Bound Hounds…… one of our favorite greyhound events!  This was Ziva’s first time experiencing the beach/water.  She had a great time playing in the water and had a no fear attitude.  She kept wanting to go out deeper and deeper.

The weather was not ideal for sunbathing, but was perfect for having the hounds spend their days with us laying on the beach just enjoying the sights and sounds.

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Also made for nice leisurely strolls on the beach with the hounds.


It was overcast with rain showers every day.  The storms made for some great waves.


We knew we would be packed up and gone when the group had their Blessing of the Hounds ceremony so we had our own little remembrance on Friday the 27th, which was Maggie’s Birthday.  We watched as the waves took their sand written names into the sea.  Gone, but never forgotten.



We also enjoyed watching the pigeons and seagulls fly and scavenge for food. I only brought one lens with me on the trip so it wasn’t the best choice for these type of pictures, but they turned out okay.

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Ziva celebrated her 5th Birthday while at the Beach (9-28-14).  She shared her Birthday cake with her brother and sister as well as some of her fellow greyhound friends.


She also snagged a new toy….literally snagged a new toy from a vendor table at the event.  We were promptly told of the rule “you bite it, you bought it” so she ended up with another toy about as big as she is!  She carried the toy from the conference room where the vendors for the event were back to the hotel.


It was a great trip and we hope to attend in 2015 also!

Speaking of 2015, the 2015 Celebrating Greyhounds calendars came out last month and we were very happily surprised to see all three of our fur kids made it in to the wall calendar!!

Ridlon #008 Ridlon #031 Ridlon #032

We have some neat trips planned over the next few weeks.  The leaves are turning and the weather is perfect, welcome Fall!  Stay tuned.