Cueball update and Catching Up

Cueball update:


It has been a long while since I have sat down to compose my thoughts and update our blog. Today, Cueball is 12 & 1/2 years old and still as handsome as the day we brought him home! At this age, we celebrate half Birthdays!!

I will start with the good news about Cueball first.  Since our last post, Cueball went in for a dental and repeat blood work.  His liver function has improved significantly and seemingly on its own.  This was very good news!  His dental procedure went well.  His teeth cleaned up nicely and he did not have to have any extractions.  He has also finally settled on eating a dry kibble consistently!  He has always been a picky eater and over the years we have tried multiple foods from Nutro to Costco’s brand to Blue Buffalo to Purina Sensitive Stomach to Merrick to finally Science Diet Chicken and Barley.

At 12 years old, he has been doing really, really well.  He started slowing down a bit over the last 5 months, but we assumed it was just due to his age.  He seemed to be healthy and happy until Sunday evening.  He began to walk with a wobble and started to pant heavily.  He was having difficulty in getting up and was dragging his back left foot.  We kept him as comfortable as we could Sunday night and then got him an appointment with our vet the following morning.

Our vet has diagnosed him with LS (Lumbosacral Stenosis).  She wanted to get x-rays on him, but he was exhibiting too much pain and she would have to sedate him for the x-rays and she thought it best to just wait.  We were sent home with Tramadol, Rimadyl and Joint Supplements to give him.  The combination of meds has helped him to be able to walk more easily.  He no longer drags his feet.  His gait is still wobbly and he favors his right side.  It is quite difficult for him to stand up, but once he is standing he can walk and move around fairly well.  He also has difficulty with trying to sit down.  He is not having any incontinence so that is good sign.  Maybe we have caught it in the early stages. We are hoping for the best.

We go back to the vet on Monday to get his x-rays done.  Our vet will then be able to tell us how far along the disease has progressed and if there are any tumors in the spinal region.  We will know at that point what the next step will be for treatment.  I am not sure if surgery is an option or what it entails.  For now, we are taking it day by day and are doing everything we can to keep him pain free and comfortable.  His quality of life is most important to us.

Catching up:

We had an awesome and busy 2015!  We are enjoying living in Texas and are very fortunate to have our family visit through the month of October.  Mitch’s sister Carol came to visit us in early October. While she was here, we went to the Texas Shootout game (Texas Tech v Baylor) at AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys’ stadium), the State Fair and to Love and War Texas (a local restaurant with live music).

During the middle of the month, we got the opportunity to buy tickets to the Patriots v Cowboys game (10-11-15) at a very reduced price.  The offer was too good, we could not pass it up.  I had been wanting to try to do this for Mitch’s Birthday since the day we found out we were moving to Dallas.  It all fell into place.  Mitch’s twin brother Mike was able to fly in from FL and go with Mitch to the game and also spend a few days with us in Texas.  Our good friends Ernie and Josh also went to the game.  These four had a blast! So happy and grateful that the twins got to do this for their birthday!  Growing up in New England, they have been Patriots fans since birth.  🙂

Then in the end of October, my Mom flew out for a visit.  We took her to the Stockyards in Forth Worth walked around sight seeing, did some shopping, went to Billy Bob’s for a beer and had some Texas style brisket for lunch.  We showed her downtown Garland and ate at our favorite little restaurant, Main Street Cafe.  We visited our favorite Texas Winery, Landon Winery and walked around the quaint town of downtown McKinney.  The rest of the time we spent hanging out at our house. It was great to have her here!  I have missed her tremendously!!  We have always lived 20-30 minutes apart.  Now we are over 1,000 miles apart.  2015 was the first time I have not been able to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with my Mom.  I am hoping to go back to VA to visit my Mom again very soon!


The pups got to visit Santa and have their picture taken in late November. Don’t they look cute in their sweaters?!

Pippi and Ziva are doing very well!  Ziva is still as playful and spunky as ever!

Mitch surprised me with a beautiful birthstone necklace for my Birthday in early December.  I am enjoying the remaining years of my late 30’s.

The pups got new toys, bully sticks and liver treats for Christmas from Santa Paws. Mitch and I had a quiet, but very nice Christmas with our good friends Ernie and Deb.  They are like our family and it is so nice having them live so close by!  We were also all very fortunate that the Tornadoes that occurred on 12-26 in Garland and Rowlett did not affect us.

For our New Years’ celebration, we went out for dinner with Ernie and Deb and Don and Kellie.  We shared a lot of laughs over a nice dinner.

We are off to a pretty good start in 2016; we have so much to be thankful for and hope to have another incredible year!