Reflections at bath time

The hounds were long overdue for their quarterly baths.  Last weekend the weather was warm, so it was the perfect time to hose them down and wash them clean.  What mom doesn’t want to capture cute pictures of their kids at bath time?

My intention was to take some cute “naked” pics of the pups but being the one bathing and trying to take pictures proved to be a challenge and what I ended up with was an unexpected surprise of their reflections while they did the post bath shake.

First up for his Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo bath was Cueball.  I gave up on buying expensive dog shampoo years ago when I discovered baby shampoo works great and if it is gentle enough for a baby, I figure it is good enough for my hounds and it makes them smell great.


More shaking…..


Inside after being towel dried.  He looks so pleased with me, doesn’t he.  Ha…ha….

Next up is the Queen herself.  She likes to rub herself on anything after a bath.   I think this picture is really sweet. 🙂

She may be admiring her beautiful self in this one.  Don’t hate me because I am beautiful she says.

Shake, shake, shake…..

More shaking…..

She looks like a whippet to me in this one.


Pippi gets really wild after a bath, but I had the deck gate closed this time, so she did not get a chance to go buck wild running and rubbing her self in the grass/dirt.

She shows her wild side here.  She wants to play with me.  She did end up jumping up and down and putting her paws on my chest wanting me to play.

Mom, why do we have to get a bath?  I wasn’t dirty.  Did you forget that I am a greyhound and do not have that normal “dog” odor?

No Pippi, mommy did not forget, but you must have been smelling pretty rank for Katie-Beth, our niece, to let me know on vacation that our dogs stink.  =)  She suggested we give you all a bath.

Once inside she romped around in the living room and settled on a spot on the couch ready to prance at any moment.  Oh and she rearranged the blankets on the couch for me too.

Lastly it was Booyah’s turn.  He cooperates beautifully at bath time.  The others I have to chase around the deck with the hose.  Booyah just patiently stands beside me while I wet, lather, rub him down and rinse.

I love the way the sun gleams on a black greyhound.  Beautiful shine.

Good shake!

Back inside Booyah takes a nap.

All clean for the summer months.  Next bath will be after our vacation to Beach Bound Hounds.  Hopefully the weather will still be nice enough to bathe them outside.  It is so much easier than lifting them into the tub.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Reflections at bath time

  1. LOL! I wouldn’t be too concerned about little Miss Sensitive Nose’s comment. She thinks everything stinks! Great pics!

  2. Lovely photos. The ones with the images in the glass doors are gorgeous, especially of Maggie:) Then she looks so regal and innocent on the couch. Pippi looks like mischief! Must remember the baby soap tip. Although it will be a while before Beryl gets a bath seeing as it’s winter here.

    I used your tip for resizing the photos to 600 whatevers wide which I did before uploading them and I think they are a good size now, thanks for that:)

  3. There’s nothing like hounds after a bath! I love how it turns them all into puppies! I really love that one of her admiring herself in the window. “I am good looking, aren’t I?” How cute!

  4. Mine all go nuts after bath time too. i agree with Gyeong..mine get it once to twice a year…but Cali does more often due to going to the hospital

    • Pippi and Booyah get baths more frequently too when we do therapy work but they all start to stink after about 4 months. If I going to bathe one may as well bathe them all. 🙂

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