Eight is Great!

Recently we celebrated the boys’ eighth birthdays.  Booyah turned eight on 6-30 and Cueball on 7-16.  Since the hounds have a new-found love of Frosty Paws and the weather has been a bit hot lately, it was a great choice for a birthday treat.  Our pups like the Peanut Butter flavor the best.

Does anyone else feel like this year is flying by super fast?  Maybe it is just us, but it feels like time is moving by on super speed this year.  Hard to believe the boys birthdays have come and gone.  Another year older and wiser.  🙂  We kept their birthdays simple this year.  Just some good quality time at home enjoying snuggle time, romps in the yard, lots of love and lots of treats!  We know how very lucky we are to have 4 healthy hounds.  We treasure every day we have with them.

There is no fooling this pack.  Pippi and Booyah knew exactly what was going on.   There is always good stuff to be had in the kitchen, especially things that come from the island.  🙂

I think their conversation was something like this:

Pippi:  I was here first and will be waiting here until mom gets all the frosty paws ready in our bowls.  I am on guard and at ready of all things food.

Cueball:  I am just here for the warm sun on the face.  I know I won’t get left out.  Silly pup!  You have much to learn in this life.  Mom always feeds me first, Booyah second, you third and Maggie last. Patience is a virtue.  Maybe if you stopped jumping up on mom when she is trying to get our food and treats ready she would feed you first and not make you sit before you get your treats.

Pippi pushes Cueball and Booyah’s buttons a bit and you can always tell when she has gone too far.  They quickly put her in her place.  She is a very loving pup with a lot of great qualities, but she does have habits and behaviours that are quiet annoying.  She is still very much a puppy and is almost 7 years old!

Booyah enjoys his nice birthday treat.

Then he takes a nap.  Happy Birthday Booyah!!!  We hope you have many, many more wonderful years!

We repeated the frosty paws treats for Cueball’s birthday.  The weather was a bit cooler in the afternoon, so we let the pups have their treat on the deck.  At first they were quiet confused as to why their bowls and feeding stands were being taken outside, but soon figured out it was for good reason.

Look at that crinkled tongue.  How the heck did he do that?







3 thoughts on “Eight is Great!

  1. Happy belated birthday to the boys! I thought I’d commented:( I’m going to try making Frosty Paws next summer. We can’t buy them here. My kids better like them! Looks like they had a wonderful celebration. Pippi might grow up when she’s 8 too? Although it sounds like she’s going to be a pup forever:)

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