Sleep overs are fun

It has been a busy, crazy couple of weeks for our household.  🙂  My apologies that I have not been around to read your blogs.  I plan to do that today and tomorrow.  🙂  A few weekends ago Finley and Sunday (littermates) came over for a sleep over so that their mommy and daddy could attend a wedding in Northern VA.  They are both very sweet, tail wagging all the time dogs.  They were quiet amusing also.  They both do not like slick surface floors and although we have several throw rugs down throughout our house, they were not willing to come out of the living room.

I will have to admit, it was quiet nice not having two more pups following us around the house.   We did manage to get them out to go potty when they needed too.

They are very well-behaved and are welcome back to our abode anytime.  🙂

Below is Sunday.  Everyone else was outside and I am trying to entice her with treats to come outside too.  Eventually she obliged.

Finley occupies his time by taking in all the different smells.

He seems pretty happy.

“Hey Misses!  Can I have a little privacy here?”

“Hmm…..Finley was right.  There are all kinds of smells at this place!”

“This will be fine for one night, so long as mom and dad pick us up tomorrow.”

Happy girl!!

Strike a pose!!  He has that Cueball ear thing going on.   Too cute!  Maybe they are related.  🙂

“My ears do funny things too!”

Back inside the pups do what they do best…….CHILL!!

I had more pics to post and had this whole long post typed up to include the Earthquake and Hurricane, but for some reason wordpress has lost it.  I am LIVID!!!!  The F bomb was dropped quiet a bit!!!  And Mitch had to hear my rant.  Hopefully I will be able to post tonight when I am in a better mood.

3 thoughts on “Sleep overs are fun

  1. Very cute pics of Finley And Sunday. We kept Finley for a couple days when he first got up here. What a sweetie. I use an external blogging program and upload after I’m done. If Blogger decides to lose it, I can just re-upload it.

  2. Finley and Sunday look lovely:) Such happy faces. I think they enjoyed their stay with you, apart from the slippery floors!

    Oh, I would have been livid too if I lost a long post! I hope you get to write it up again:)

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