Stuck…..Between a Rock and a Hard Place

er…… okay it wasn’t really literally a rock and a hard place, but Cueball had an interesting night Friday.

First you will need some background info. to understand our bed time routine.  Once the fur kids are done with their final potty break each night, between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m., we head upstairs for bed.  Cueball is usually the first one to rush upstairs so that he can get his favorite spot on our old couch, which is covered with soft fleece blankets to hide its ugliness. 🙂  Cueball loves his bankies!

Friday night he was the first hound upstairs, but decided to lay on the double stacked dog beds by my side of the bed, which are positioned like this……

I thought it unusual, but did not try to get him to move.  Booyah took the couch spot since Cueball had decided on another spot to lay.  Maggie sleeps on the bed with us and Pippi sleeps on double stacked dog beds on the floor on Mitch’s side of the bed.

It was a quiet night.  We all slept well, or so I thought.  We were awakened by Booyah and his cold nose in our face.  🙂  I got up turned on the hall light and called the pups out for potty.  Booyah, Maggie and Pippi were accounted for.  No Cueball.  I scanned the bedroom and hall and did not see him.  We sleep with our bedroom door closed, so I knew he had to be somewhere in the room.  I started to panic.  Where could he be?  I called his name again.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw his legs and part of his nose from under our bed.  I yelled for Mitch to get up and help me to push the bed.  Cueball was stuck!  His legs were moving back and forth, like he was trying to attempt to get up.  Below is the spot where he was laying.

We got the bed moved so that he could stand up.  He seemed a bit sore, but okay.  We are not sure how he managed to wiggle himself underneath the bed.  We are puzzled at why he did not yelp or bark to let us know.  Who knows how long he was laying like that.  😦  He is usually a very vocal dog and will let you know when he wants or needs something.

I don’t have any pictures of him underneath the bed.  I was too concerned at the time with just getting him out.  Afterwards, I measured the space between the floor and the wood slat on my side of our sleigh bed.  It is 7 inches.  Underneath the bed between the floor and the bottom of the box spring is 9 inches.  I also noticed the beds he was laying on were pushed towards the couch (see below).

Yesterday he yelped a few times when he changed position in the way he was laying.  He must still be sore was my initial thought.  This morning for the after breakfast potty break he was given a dog biscuit for his treat.  While chewing a piece broke off.  He was unable to bend down to pick up part of his biscuit he was chewing.  He instead was trying to use his paw to move it closer to him.

So now I am a bit worried and feel a vet visit is in order.  Mitch and I both witnessed this and we both tried to do an exam on him to see if he had any painful spots.  We did not get any painful or negative reaction during our examination.  I gave him half of a Rimadyl and he is now resting.

Hoping he is going to be okay.  Maybe he is just still sore or lame from laying on one side all night and not being able to lift or move his body much?  i am hoping that this is all that it is and it is not something more serious.  Just not sure.  I have never experienced this before with any of my dogs.  Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Stuck…..Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  1. Poor Cueball, what an ordeal for him. Zephyr got stuck mostly under the bed once. I heard him trying to get out and helped him. He wasn’t there long. After that I took some big body pillows and put them between the bottom of the bed and their beds to block the opening and it hasn’t happened since. Their beds are at the foot of my bed and the pillows kind of make like a bolster for their beds. I know of it happening to at least one other grey. I hope Cueball is just sore and stiff from being stuck and feels better soon.

  2. Ha! Travis did that a few times. Generally, he’d only get half his body under the bed with his hips still out.

    If he were mine, I’d give him a few days. Most “regular” vets can’t pinpoint and diagnose such things in dogs anyway. The vet is likely to give you some a pain reliever (which it sounds like you already have) and send you home with a prescription of rest.

    I would suspect that if he was trying to get up repeatedly, he feels much like the out of shape person who goes to the gym and works out for the first time in 5 years. Next day the muscles are screaming … WTF! So if he was laying flat and trying to pick up his head and shoulder over and over again… you can bet that his neck and possible some abs are going to be sore.

  3. Hope he’s just sore. The Rimadyl should definitely help. We have thought about putting our bed on the floor as the kids get older, and it gets harder for them to jump up onto it, but Parker likes to sleep under there sometimes. Even at 30 lbs, we sometimes have to pull him out in the mornings.

  4. Poor Cueball! We had a foster who slid off the beds and under our bed once, and she woke us up in the middle of the night, full GSOD and kicking the bottom of the bed. I nearly had heart failure! My bet would be he slept in a position he hasn’t before and pinched a nerve or something. Still, sometimes it’s worth a trip to the vet for peace of mind!

  5. love cueball’s ears…and i hope he’ll feel better in the coming days.

    our first grey, alex, fell off our bed and onto the floor while asleep. he had this stunned look on his face as though he didn’t understand how he was on our bed one moment and on the floor the next. he was fine, though — he jumped back on the bed and continued his nap. our second grey, nikki, likewise fell off our bed and onto the floor. fortunately, she wasn’t hurt either.

  6. I love the last picture of Cueball! I hope he is feeling better now. Buford did this once too – he wasn’t all the way under, but enough that we had to pull him out. Goofy boys!

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