Got some catching up to do on the blog.  We spent Thanksgiving in Gainesville, Florida with Mitch’s brother and family.  It was warm and sunny!  My kind of weather.  🙂  We arrived on Wednesday early evening and chill for the night after a long drive down.  Since our Thanksgiving feast was scheduled for Friday, we opt to take the pups to a local dog park for a bit of a run on Thanksgiving day.  This was a great treat for the pups, since they were going to be leash walked each time they went out.  Mitch’s brother has an in ground pool, which is fabulous, just off the back sliding glass door with no fencing, so leash walking was a must. Especially after our experience at Barkwell’s in June and Maggie’s attempt to use the pond as her “doggie pool”.

Cueball knew just what he was there for when we arrived at the dog park.

It was a gorgeous day for a romp!!

Our Niece, Katie-Beth, and Cueball play.

Love this one.

 Happy, happy hound.

Sweet Greta!  I think she enjoyed having her big cousin dogs for a visit.

While Greta and Cueball enjoy their run, Pippi enjoys stalking Booyah.

Eyes on the target and then in for the pounce.

She reminds me of a kangaroo when she does this.

Something was very interesting just to the left.

After the kids romp, we took a walk on the trails and then stopped for a family photo-op.  We have very few “family photos” so I treasure everyone we have.  Thanks again Ramona for taking our pic!

After our walk, the kids get some time to play at the playground and swing.

That night, we enjoyed a nice fire outside by the pool.  Greta chased this creature up the tree.  We were amused by this possum hanging on to this small branch for over an hour before finally mustering up the courage to come down and scurry across the fence and into a neighbor’s yard.  Greta was quiet proud of herself for this accomplishment.  We gave her lots of praise!

I have always thought possums were quiet ugly.

Each morning we awoke and stepped out unto to this view.  The morning-glory on the tree to the left was beautiful.  Such a peaceful and relaxing backyard.  🙂  Next time we visit, we are taking a swim in this incredible pool.

Thanks again Ramona, Mike and Katie-Beth and Carl for your hospitality!!  We hope to visit again very soon.  🙂

In other news, we sold our home after 2 years of being on the market.  I guess persistence pays off!  We have found our new home and will be moving in on or before 2-17-12.  Pictures of the new place will be coming soon.  2012 just may be our year!!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and has a Happy New Year!!

5 thoughts on “Holidays

    • Thanks! Yes, about 10 minutes from my work on the Southside. Perfect house for us! We are very excited and are looking forward to moving into our new home. 🙂

  1. Congratulations on selling the house! I hope the move goes smoothly and you are there enjoying it before you know it.

    Your Thanksgiving looks a lot more fun than ours!

  2. That’s awesome you’ve sold your house and found a great new home, congratulations!

    Love the photos of Cueball having a blast:) I hope your Christmas and New Year were just as good as your Thanksgiving.

    Family photo, what’s that? Yours is awesome! I’m always on the other end of the camera.

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