Got a digger?

Cueball has found a new past time.  Digging.  Not just with his paws, but with his snout!

There are now two good size holes in the yard.

I must say he is quiet proud of this, trotting along in the yard admiring his work.  Every day, when we let him out, he goes to check on these two spots.  He runs over, digs a little with paws first, then begins pushing the dirt up and out with his nose. After he is satisfied with his masterpiece, he takes off running around the yard.

He has created some sort of game out of this, racing around the yard happy as can be.  He has not attempted to bury anything in the holes or lay in them to keep cool.  He just likes to dig.

Booyah digs to perfect a cool spot to lay down or to bury his stuffie.  The girls have no interest in digging unless they pick up on an unusual scent that they must investigate.

Anyone else have hounds who love to dig?  Do they dig with their nose or just with their paws?  Just curious.  🙂

We still call him goofball, but now he has a secondary nickname…..Digger.

3 thoughts on “Got a digger?

  1. I think Cueball and Bunny were cut from the same cloth! lol Although Bunny doesn’t usually dig with her nose unless she’s REALLY excited. But her paws dig like a fiend before she starts running around like mad.

  2. when i got the bright idea of taking our girls to my in-law’s backyard and let them run around because it’s so big, i discovered that they both love to dig. one starts a hole, the other expands on it. it’s the funniest thing.

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