Circle of life

At the end of the last post, I shared a picture of the cute Robin’s eggs in her nest by the Holly tree.  Sadly, a few days after they hatched, they were destroyed by a Crow.  Sucks! 😦  I did manage to get a couple of final pics.

Momma bird keeping a close eye on me while I check on her babies.

Little Robins.  Only a day old.

Momma Robin laying on her babies.  This was taken during my lunch break.  When Mitch came home from work, only 3 hours later, the babies were gone and Momma Robin was chasing a Crow from her nest.

We hope she will lay eggs again in our tree in the future.  We are now keeping our eyes on a Woodpecker family.  It is challenging to get good “close up” pics even with my 75-300 mm telephoto lens.  The nest is way up the tree.  Here are a few I took today.  Momma Woodpecker is super fast when she comes in to feed, but I hope to get a picture of her also.

The nest.

Baby Woodpecker waiting for mom.

Opening its little mouth for food.

Hoping to get some better pics soon.  🙂

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