Sleeping beauties

I hope we still have readers out there.  If so, please leave us a comment, so we know you are stopping by. 🙂  I am debating on whether or not to continue with this blog.

Not much going on in the Ridlon abode, outside of remodeling the kitchen, we have been enjoying our summer from the comfort of indoors.  If what I have read from several weather forecasts is true, we are in for a cold and snowy winter. I say bring it on!  After the summer we have had, which has been brutally hot and miserable with all the misquitos, I am looking forward to the possibility of a cold, snowy winter.  🙂

Just some cute pics for now of the girls catching some Z’s.







A quick update on health.  Booyah continues to do well.  Maggie had a repeat ECG and even on her anxiety meds, she still has an irregular heartbeat, so we are making an appt. to see the cardiologist.  Cueball will be making a trip to the vet tomorrow for a swollen, painful toe. We have been trying to mend it since Friday with limited activity and Rimadyl, but it is not getting any better and is very tender to the touch so to the vet we go.


We hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  We are looking forward to some outdoor fun with family and friends.



9 thoughts on “Sleeping beauties

  1. katie tweaked one of her front toes while turning a sharp corner on our carpet, and it ended up looking very much like what cueball has. it took awhile before the swelling went down. we had to keep her from running for a couple of weeks.

    i hope it’s a minor problem for cueball.

  2. It might be fractured..which is just a long healing process. Ihope they figure something out for Maggie. AND very glad Booyah continues to improve. Have a great Labor day!

  3. Many times I just watch the kids while they are sleeping, because they are just so darn cute 🙂 That’s what Stanley’s toe looked like after he fractured a toe chasing squirrels. 6 weeks of splints and leash walking.

  4. Yes, don’t stop blogging, you can’t be more erratic than me:) Cueball’s foot looks nasty, I can see why you thought it might be fractured. Lovely pics of the girls sleeping. How are things with Maggie?

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