Celebrate Good Times

Just found this post I had done on October 1st but never published.

September has been a good month for us.  Lots of good things to celebrate!  First, on September 13th, we celebrated Maggie’s 6th Gotcha Day!  Hard to believe six years ago I knew nothing about greyhounds and how great companion family pets they were and today as I type this I am surrounded by four of the most loving creatures on the planet.  If it had not been for that radio spot “Pet of the Week” on 1140 and the introducing Charlie Brown, the retired racing greyhound to me, I may have never known this wonderful breed.  Maggie flipped our world upside down for the better!  I will always be greatful that she found her way to us.  She is my heart dog.

A few days later, we found out that Cueball’s picture I took a few years ago made it into the Celebrating Greyhounds Wall Calendar in the month of September.  It is such an honor.  We are very excited to see both calendars!  Congrats to all who made it in!

On September 17th, we celebrated Cueball’s 5th Gotcha Day.  Cueball is Mitch’s heart dog.  He is one cool hound.  He loves people, other dogs and loves to socialize.  He is the perfect ambassadog for the breed.  He is our most active hound enjoying a good romp around the yard several times a week.

Then on September 27th, we celebrated Maggie’s 12th birthday!  It was a very special day!  🙂

We are truly blessed!

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