It has been a year, wow!

Can’t believe how quickly time flies.  That saying is so true!  February 17th marked our one year anniversary in our new home.  We moved into our home on a Friday and were amazed at how quiet our little subdivision is.  It has remained that way over the last year.  It sounds strange to say, but the truth is our new subdivision is quieter than where we lived out in the country.  We have done a lot since we moved in. 

Some things were immediate like upgrading the electrical panel, which was overloaded and from the 1960’s, and getting a fence installed for the pups and getting E-shield installed so we could save on those heating/cooling costs.  Other things we have done as we have gone along like paint the hallway, foyer, dining room and kitchen, install new toilets, install cabinets upper and lower with a granite top in the laundry room, install cabinet in the master bathroom and landscape front and back yard flower beds.

One project that started in May and continues is the remodel of our kitchen.  We have come along way but still have a little ways to go.  The worst part of the project was not having use of my kitchen sink for weeks.  I did not particularly enjoy washing dishes in my bathtub.  And it made me miss that big, deep utility sink we had at our old house. Below is how Maggie spends her time when we are in remodel mode. As you can see, she is in her safe spot with her thundershirt on. Cueball keeps her company.

Our kitchen was stuck in the 1960’s. The cabinets were pine and all our dishes smelled like pine from sitting in the cabinets. Yuck!! There was only one family who owned this house prior to us. The mother passed away and the son bought it. He was born and raised here. From what we could tell not much was updated over the years. The house had good bones, was well built and had character. We knew the first time we saw the house, it would be our next home.

Below are pictures of where we are with this project today. I took these tonight when I got home from work.



Mitch is very happy with his handy work!

Lastly, the queen would like you to know she is ready for this remodel to be complete. Maggie, Pippi and Cueball do like being able to see us from the couch when we are in the kitchen. We pass them treats and pats through these windows. This was our solution to “opening” the space up since taking the wall out was not a feasible option.


At last, I will leave you with this. A few weeks ago we received this lovely card in the mail from the young couple who bought our old home, which was my first home and one that I am still emotionally attached to. It was very nice to receive this note filled with kind words and appreciation. I am glad our old home is being appreciated and cared for. We certainly did put a lot of work into that property in the 11 years we were there. We promise the hounds will be the stars of the next post, stay tuned!!



3 thoughts on “It has been a year, wow!

  1. The work you have done is beautiful. Love the sink, backsplash, cabinets – it’s all wonderful! I understand what you mean about leaving the old house. I still feel nostalgic whenever I pass by my first house even though I love the new place. Glad your Maggie has Cueball to keep her company when she’s feeling anxious.

  2. The house is turning out beautifully! I can really understand your emotional attachment to the old house. My dad is selling the farm where I grew up in a few months and it leaves me feeling very sad. I know that we can’t afford it, and the truth is, it will be a lot more work than my husband would keep up with, but I will really miss that place!

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