Long Winter

We have had an unusually cold and long winter in VA this year.  Can’t remember ever having snowfall in late March.  The temps continue to be cool, so we continue to hibernate inside where it is toasty.  Booyah would have loved this winter.  He loved the snow.
099 (2)

I miss him every day.  It has been three months but it seems like yesterday. I am starting to be able to look at pictures of him and smile. It is progress in the grieving process, I suppose. We hope to have another hound like Booyah someday in the future. He sure was a special boy and was loved by so many.

Maggie would like to know when Old Man Winter will be done.

Cueball agrees.


Cueball did enjoy playing in the snow, but was quickly over it. It is pretty to watch when it is falling, but I am ready to put the boots, gloves and scarfs away and bring out my flip flops.
We did not get a lot of snow and it only stuck around for a day or so, but it was perfect for romping around in.

Love the expression on his face. Pure bliss!

Maggie is so over the snow. She is more of a beach girl, just like her momma.

Pippi doesn’t care for the snow either and prefers to be the queen of the stacked dog beds.

CG 2014 033

Not sure if I have shared this pic or not before. I took this in September last year. It is my favorite pic of our four hounds. I am so glad I was able to get a good picture of all four. I have this pic on my mouse pad at work. 🙂
020 (2)

Goodbye Old Man Winter; we are all ready for Spring!!

6 thoughts on “Long Winter

  1. Totally ready for Spring. Hope Spring is as long at Winter was instead of the two weeks we usually get. Great pic of the kids. I haven’t thought to try to line my guys up like that.

  2. I’m glad you are able to enjoy some pictures of Booyah. It’s so hard to lose them. We are ready for spring here too. We’ve been having nice weather and then a storm came today with cold blowing snow.

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