Cueball is 10!

On July 16th, we celebrated Cueball’s 10th Birthday! 


It is so odd for me to say that he is my eldest hound. The words just don’t seem quite right.  For the almost six years we have had Cueball, his birthday has been celebrated with his brother and best buddy Booyah.  I am sure Cueball doesn’t know any different but it was a little sad for me.  We treated the pups with Frosty Paws to celebrate.  One of Cueball’s favorite treats.  He could have a frosty paw daily if we allowed him too.  🙂 


Cueball is a hound who makes us laugh every day.  He has always been a goof.  He loves everyone he meets, is very social and is my most laid back hound.  He is sweet, confident and independent.  As he has aged, his black ticking has become more pronounced.  I guess it is how the white hounds age, since we can’t see their gray hairs.  🙂 

I think he enjoyed his special treat!  Of course he got lots of love too. 



Pippi seconds the daily frosty paw idea.


This was Ziva’ first frosty paw.  She got brain freeze for a moment, which was quite cute, but she soon learned to take it slow and before we could get a good pic of her with her treat she had already finished and was on to cleaning everyone else’s bowl.



A very Happy Birthday to our one of a kind hound!  We love you very much Cueball and we look forward to many more wonderful years with you.

3 thoughts on “Cueball is 10!

  1. Happy Birthday Cueball. Double figures, you’re all grown up now 🙂 Frankie and Beryl wouldn’t know what to do with a Frosty Paw. Hopefully this summer I’ll get around to making some for them. I’m betting Frankie won’t touch them!

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