A couple of firsts for the Diva

Last week, I took the week off for a staycation.  I am at a point in my years of service where my vacation time accrues quickly.  We can only carry or hold a certain amount of days in our PTO bank.  Once we reach the limit, we no longer accrue time.  I know, real nice problem to have.  🙂  So rather than lose it, I decided to use it.  Mitch had to work all week, including Saturday and Sunday.  When you are married to a self-employed HVAC tech, you begin to hate the summer.  The pups enjoyed having me home all week and it gave me some time to get some small projects around the house done.  I would have liked to have tackled the backyard, but without Mitch’s help, it was a moot point.  We have lots of work to do to get the back yard looking nice.  I am hoping the Fall will bring us weekends with nice weather so we can get a few things done before the winter approaches.

During my week off, Ziva, FKA Gal With A Gun, got her first bath, well her first bath by us anyway, I am sure she had one at some point in her life.  She did well and now no longer has that kennel stink, which is fantastic. 

She looked pitiful once I was done and she soon forgot about the evil water sprayer monster in the bath room.


She had her monkey toy and bone to comfort her, so all was right with the world. 


Pippi is a pro at bath time and handled it like a champ.  She never once tried to get out of the tub.  She knew it would be over soon and that she would have a yummy treat waiting for her when it was over.  She loves wet towels anyway so she enjoyed attempting to dry her self off.

She relaxed on the couch until she was dry.


Cueball needs a bath too, but he is too heavy for me to lift into the tub so I need Mitch’s help.  I am hoping Mitch will be home next weekend so he can help with giving Cueball a bath.  We need to get some doggie pools so we can have bath time outside. I do miss the large deck/patio we had at the old house, it made bath time for the pups a breeze!

Ziva continues to do well.  She is a pretty good meet and greet dog.  She loves people, is good with kids and is good with other large breed dogs.  She has a high prey drive, though.  She, like Pippi, has an issue with any small, non-balanced, fluffy dog.  She lets out a deep bark and then wants to go after them.  We have to be really careful, as we do not want to give the wrong impression to people about greyhounds.


She has two meet and greets under her belt and will be attending many more with us over the years. 🙂

And another first for Ziva was a wine trip.  We took a trip to Cooper Vineyards yesterday afternoon after our meet and greet.  It was a beautiful afternoon and a perfect way to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon.  This winery is very dog friendly and has a lovely tasting room and wrap around deck with seating.  We packed a small lunch and bought a couple of bottles of wine to enjoy. 


Cueball is starting to get shaky leg after standing for too long, so he spent most of the afternoon laying on the soft blanket.  The girls were up and about quiet a bit scoping everything out and ready for pets from nearby folks.  They always draw a crowd!



The outside tasting bar was just steps from us.  Made it very convenient when we needed a refill.  🙂



Cueball was content just to rest.




Ziva thinks wineries are fun!  She says, what is not to like? We get pets from lots of people and mom and dad gave us several pieces of the “good cheese” as a treat.



She also received her official ID collar this week.  Hot pink is her signature color.  Nothing else fit for this Diva!

3 thoughts on “A couple of firsts for the Diva

  1. Staycations sound like a very civilised idea. We don’t have them in my job. Glad Ziva did well with her first bath with you. Sounds like nothing is going to worry her 🙂 I can see Beryl enjoying a visit to a winery! Looks like a lot of fun for everyone.

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