Night Photography

I have been trying out some night photography.  I bought a Tripod and a Wireless Remote for my Shutter recently.  I took a trip out to Brown’s Island.  I plan to go back in a few weeks now that the entire City is lit up.  🙂

This shot was taken just before it got dark.


The Twin Towers in Richmond just before dark.


Starting to get dark.  I was proud of myself for setting the camera to the correct F Stop so that I could get the star-burst effect with the street lights. 


The sun setting.  I like the light reflection in the water.


This one was my favorite.  The reflections look like little Christmas Trees.


This is the last one I took before heading home.


A week or so later, I took my camera to work and took some pictures of the sky.  I got lucky that the clouds were so “angry-beautiful” looking on that particular day.  This was just after an afternoon storm. These were taken without use of a tripod and from the waiting room window at my office.  Next on my wish list is a filter to reduce reflection from glass.





These were taken a my brother-in-law’s house in Florida during our recent trip to visit family over the Thanksgiving Holiday.


I like the way the flames came out in this shot.  It is like you can feel the fire when you look at the picture.


I liked the color of the water in the pool on this one.  The Rubber Duck was night swimming. Can you find him?


I have not figured out how to get a good shot of the pups at night.  I tried multiple times, but they don’t stay still long enough for the shutter to close.

This was the best I could get of Ziva enjoying being under a blanket next to the fire.  Yes, we brought the cold with us to Florida.  


The temps were in the 30’s a few nights the week we were there. 


Stay tuned, we have some pictures to share of our recent visit to the Greyhound Pets of America Greater Orlando Rescue Kennel.  We met all the kennel cuties!




3 thoughts on “Night Photography

  1. I was goign to say the same thing as G, to get the kids at night inside, you need at least f/2.8..sometimes i even switch to the lens that is f/1.4.
    No use with anything higher..they are never still enough! haha Richmond is beautiful at night!

  2. Gorgeous photos. I’ve only got 2 lenses so far, no tripod or wireless remote so it’s just as well I’m not ready to branch out into night photography 🙂 Love what you’re getting though!

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