So my last post entitled Lights, Camera…..  was all about the fun I had in my recent photography class, the experience of using studio lights, what a difference an external flash can make and learning to become more and more comfortable shooting in manual mode. 

Today, I took a chance at action shots using manual mode.  I wasn’t sure if I would even get one decent shot.  Prior to, I thought out my settings for apreture, ISO, and shutter speed.  Lucky for me, Ziva was in a spunky mood today and I knew if I let her take a toy outside, she would be a running fool. She did not disappoint! I took a couple of practice shots to make sure the exposure for the lighting was okay and crossed my fingers for good luck and started to shoot. 

I threw her the big Gorilla toy to get her started.  She grabbed it and took off off.


She did a few laps carrying the Gorilla, but he is big and a bit awkward, so she drops him and just continues to zoom around the yard.


The tongue is out and she is starting to get tired.


But with Cueball joining in, she musters up her remaining energy to keep going.  My shooting did slow down a bit, as I was trying to monitor these two to make sure there were no issues.  My fur kids are usually always muzzled and don’t normally get to play un-muzzled in the yard.

Yes, I am the fun/safety police.


One more lap around with Cueball and they were both done.


I think they had a good time.  They sure took a long nap when they came inside and haven’t moved much since.  We don’t have many more of these nice weather weekends left.  Soon it will be too hot and buggy to be outside for more than a pee/poo break.  So we are going to enjoy them while they are here.  All in all, I am proud of how my photos turned out.  I sure had some beautiful models to work with.  Greyhounds are Poetry in Motion. Yes, yes they truly are!

I did get Lightroom 5 this week but I haven’t even opened it yet.  So these are un-edited (SOOC).  I hope to have some free time this week to delve into the software and start playing around with editing.  So much to learn still.

5 thoughts on “Action…..

  1. Nice job with the full-M action shots. Do you use single point focus, and manual focus too? That is too much for me to process. I can’t remember the last time I posted SOOC pics. They definitely don’t look as good as yours.

  2. Thanks. I used AF focus for these with my 70-300mm 4.0 lens. Not the best quality glass but it does a pretty good job. I usually manual focus on my still shots. I have had better luck getting sharper pictures when manually focusing. As I was taking the pics, the shutter speed seemed slower than I though it would and I was really amazed they came out as good as they did.

  3. I love Lightroom! I’ve found some great presets to put in it and playing with it is a lot of fun!

    You got great action shots of Ziva and Cueball. They look like Yen and Yang together. You did a great job capturing them!

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