My Spot

If you have ever watched The Big Bang Theory, you will be familiar with the sentence “You are in my spot”.  Cueball has become a “Sheldon” in our house demanding his very own spot.  We can only rationalize this is a favored spot because it is beneath the constant air flow from the ceiling fan above that he has decided that this is the best seat in the house.  He will bark and throw a tantrum if his sisters are in his spot. He also sleeps in his spot most nights.  He would rather be in this spot than on a dog bed in our bedroom.  At the age of 12, he can have whatever makes him happy!

024 230

In just a few days, we will be celebrating his 8th Gotcha Day!!

Then:                                                                       Now:

DSCF0917 081

Of all our hounds, he has been with us the longest!  He has always been our big goofy boy.  His personality has not changed one bit and because he is a white Greyhound, we can barely see that he has aged in his appearance.  He has always been a very healthy, happy boy!  He has had some minor liver issues of late, but is on daily meds now and goes back this week for a repeat blood check.  Hopefully, we will get good news.  He has already had an ultrasound, which showed no blockages and no masses.

And speaking of milestones, tomorrow marks Maggie’s (Twisted Stix) Gotcha Day (9-14-06).  Although she is no longer with us, she remains in our hearts and it is because of her that our lives were forever changed for the better!!  We can’t imagine life without Greyhounds and it is hard to recall what life was like before we adopted her!!

Below are a few of the last pictures I have of our sweet girl.  We had a photo shoot at the Grapehounds, Virginia event (photos by Balance Photography) and unexpectedly had to say goodbye the very next day (9/27/00 – 5/12/13)


2 thoughts on “My Spot

  1. I remember your Gotcha day well! Such a lucky girl. Cueball hasn’t aged a bit…and i don’t blame him for having a favorite spot. I do as well and have been known to throw a tantrum if someone is in it…haha

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