Hello world!

Welcome to our blog!  Due to lots of technical issues, I have decided to leave my world of blogging on our  blogger site to join a new world of blogging here at wordpress.com.  We hope our current readers will follow us here at our new site. For any new readers, here is a quick introduction to who we are.  My husband Mitch and I live in Virginia, have been married for 10 years, and share our lives with our fur kids, which consits of four greyhounds and a cat, Misty.  We adopted our first greyhound, Maggie, in September  of 2006 and it just snowballed from there.  As they say, “Greyhounds are like potato chips.  You can’t just have one.”  Three years later and two more hounds added to the pack, Booyah and Cueball, and we found ourselves saying “What’s one more?” and so we adopted our fourth, Pippi. They each have their own unique personalities and keep our lives full of laughter and love.  Our blog will mainly be about our life and adventures with our hounds.  Occasionaly, we will have non-greyhound related posts too.   We are excited to be starting fresh and will be working on posting our first “real” entry very soon!


Michelle, Mitch and the Hounds

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