VAGA’s annual picnic

We attended VAGA’s annual picnic on Memorial Day weekend.  We had a great time!  Below are a few photos from our day in beautiful Bealeton, VA.  Thanks to the George family for hosting!!!

They call blue ribbon dogs (explained below) for the fun run and since Pippi was just “hosed off” to keep cool, as it was a high of 84 for the day, she is in a spunky mood and wants to play.

My shutter speed here is way too slow, but I love the picture anyway.  Pippi is a girl who loves to run!

Zoom, Zoom!

The kiddie pools are a huge hit and the tents were perfect for providing shade.  The George family and VAGA volunteers worked really hard to make the picnic a huge success!!

Hounds enjoy their turn to run.  Each hound participant was given a specific ribbon color.  When your hound’s ribbon color was called, they could enjoy a fun run while other ribbon color(s) dogs remain on leash during that time.  This way the number of hounds running at one given time is limited.  Every ribbon color was called at least twice.

Mitch does his best to keep our hounds cool during the picnic taking advantage of the sprinkler and kiddie pools. Each hound got a turn several times during the picnic.

Mid way through the event and my hounds were pooped.  The ex-pens once again came in handy.  So glad we made the purchase!  😉  These are a must at events like this.  Hands and worry free for the humans is so nice.

We visited with the Park family for a bit. 🙂  Beth uses Jamie as a head rest.

Picnic cuties.

Like this hound, this is how I felt at the end of the picnic.  It was a lot of fun, but a long day and the temps were a little warmer than we had hoped for, but all in all an awesome day!  The VAGA store did great in sales and so did the silent auction.  We picked up another piece of art work from the silent auction.  Mitch placed the bid and I was pleasantly surprised we won.  Only 300 were produced, so it is quite rare.  We will post a photo of it in a later post.

I must say the ease of posting on is going to make it more feasible for me to blog more often.  I had to give up on blogger, just became too frustrating when trying to post and most times, I would just end up giving up.  So glad you have joined us here!  Stay tuned!  We have a dog haul and meet and greet next weekend and then in two weeks we take our family vacay trip to Barkwell’s.  Yay!!

5 thoughts on “VAGA’s annual picnic

  1. I’ve really been happy with our move to WordPress, too!

    What a day! I am in envy! What I wouldn’t give to get together with some Greyhound people. Our reunion is in September, but I wish it were in early Spring so we could really enjoy it.

  2. Great pictures! As you may have read in my last post, I am completely frustrated with blogger too! I will have to look into joining you on wordpress if it keeps up! Puddin is always ready for a good romp just like Pippi 🙂

  3. Ah, I stopped by your blog to get your URL as I’m passing on a Versatile Blogger award to you guys and just as well cos I see you’ve moved:) I am also considering moving to WordPress although Blogger is working properly for me again, but who knows for how long? I like your new set up.

    Wonderful photos and it looks like everyone had as much fun as possible in the heat! What a clever idea about the different coloured ribbons when you get a lot of hounds in the one place:)

    Anyway, stop by my blog if you want to pick up the award. It’s well deserved:)

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