Ridlon Family Vacay 2011 Asheville, NC Yerku

This post is a continuation of our family vacation to Barkwells (see previous post).  The forecast for the week was thunderstorms/rain all week.  This was not going to stop us from having fun on our vacay!  On days when we had rain showers, which were only a couple of days, we hung around the cabin until things cleared up, then we ventured out.  We found the weather predictions to be inaccurate on most days.  If the local weather person said we had a 60% or better chance for rain, we learned that meant we would not get rain at all but a 30% or less chance meant we would get rain between the hours of 12-4 p.m.  Strange to say, but this is how it worked out all week for us and by the middle of the week, we had the system down.   🙂  There are quiet a few things to do at the cabin.  Relax in the hot tub or soak in the deep two person jetted tub, fish/swim in the pond, watch the storms from the comfort of your huge country porch, play board/trivia games with the family, bird watch etc.  We did lots of bird watching while we were there.  There are feeders on the cabin porch and throughout the property.

Birds were plentiful.  I was able to get a few shots of birds flying, which I think are pretty cool, that I will share below.

While I was taking pictures of Mitch and Mike tossing a styrofoam airplane (pics in later post), this bird kept turning its head towards me when my camera would make a noise while taking a picture.  I figured he/she wanted its photo taken, so I obliged.

Enough birds.  🙂  The whole Ridlon clan and an overnight guest, Sharon, Ramona’s BFF, went to play mini golf one day.  It happened to be the hottest day of the week, of course.  So we treated ourselves to ice cream at the Sugar Shack when we were done with our game. 😉  8 players took two hours to play an 18 hole mini-golf course, but we had fun while doing it.  I stink at mini-golf.  I mean STINK!  Stink, Stank, Stunk at mini-golf.  Always have, and probably always will!  Think of something you are not good at and multiply that by 10,000 and it still won’t be as bad as I am at this game.  Partly because these are the kind of shots I make (below).  Luck is not on my side.  I can “bring it” in a Bball game for sure but mini-golf I lack all talent. 🙂

I don’t have the patience for it and usually give up if I can’t make the putt in three shots.  I did not let my frustration ruin every one else’s fun and stuck it out through all 18 holes.  🙂  My final score was 59.  Mitch’s was 56.  Below are a few pics of us playing.

We played mini-golf in Chimney Rock, NC.  I did not realize that the Last of the Mohicans and Dirty Dancing were partially filmed in this area.  The town sure knows it though.  They have a Dirty Dancing boat tour which will take you to the spots where they filmed the movie, including the lake scene where Baby (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny (Patrick Swayze) practice their lift.  We were going to try to do this on our last day in Asheville, but it rained.  Next time for sure.  I am a Dirty Dancing nut!  I first saw this movie when I was around 8 years old and have loved it ever since.  Anytime it is on the tube, I am glued to it.   Mitch just rolls his eyes, Lol!!  Anywho, at the mini-golf course there was a Johnny loves Baby tree.  Had to take a photo of this.

The kiddos had a great time at mini-golf.  It was great to see smiles on their faces.  🙂  Well worth all the frustration during the game.  We traveled through Batcave, NC to get to Chimney Rock and we thought for sure Carl, our nephew, would be thrilled about this as he is a HUGE Batman fan, but he informed us that the Batcave is a scary place, so he wasn’t too excited about it, but we thought it was pretty neat.

Back at the cabin, Mitch takes a nap with the pups.  We did this frequently throughout the week.  I think we need to institue a mandatory Siesta time at work.

After a bit of a rest, Carl has energy to expend so it became bubble time.

The grownups needed to have some adult time, so Auntie Carol volunteered to watch the kiddos while we went downtown for some lunch and some local brews.  Unfortunately, the two breweries we opted to try were both closed.  Jack of the Wood was closed because they were filming.  Filming what I don’t know, but we were all willing to be active extras drinking at the bar.  😉  And Thirsty Monk did not open till 4 p.m. and it was only 2 p.m. so we headed to a local eatery and enjoyed some Highland and French Broad Brew.

The Highland Gaelic was excellent and is sold here in VA, YAY!!  French Broad’s Wee-Heavy-Er was also fabulous.  Maybe next time we will do the Brews Cruise!  Afterall, Asheville has been voted Beer City, USA.  Sounds like fun to me.  🙂

We returned to the cabin after our adult time and had some more brews on our porch.  The pups were quite content upon our return.

And, I was content enjoying a cold beer and enjoying this view.

We hope you will stay tuned.  The next two posts for our vacay will mainly be of the pups and their adventures.

5 thoughts on “Ridlon Family Vacay 2011 Asheville, NC Yerku

  1. Great pics Michelle! I haven’t managed to get mine up yet. I forgot about Last of the Mohicans being filmed in that area. LOVE that movie. (Daniel Day Lewis in a loin-cloth! I doesn’t get any better than that!)

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