Cuteness and I’m honored

Not too much going on lately, just trying to get our property back in order after the wake of hurricane Irene.  We have been very busy with lots of yard work clean up.  We did get our power back after being without for 8 days.  🙂

We were thrilled to see the repair guys pull into our driveway.  It was a relief to know power would be restored soon.  Mitch plays supervisor.

I have some cute pictures to share which I have taken over the last month or so.  Below is Sunday, who we doggie sat a few weekends ago,  getting some ear scritches from Mitch.

Booyah sleeping on the couch.  Why do they sleep with their heads hanging off the couch?  This can’t be that comfortable.

Synchronized napping session.

Cueball in his favorite chair.  I hate this chair.  It is the “Frazier” chair in our house.  If you ever seen the sitcom Frazier, you will understand what I mean.  It is a misfit.

Mags gets a turn.

Pippi chillin by the breeze that was flowing in from the top portion of our new storm door, which coincidently we purchased after Hurricane Irene, to stay cool.  this was taken during our time without power.  We knew the house was getting a bit warm when Pippi started laying on the cool tile.  She is usually the last to complain about being too warm.  Unfortunately our generator cannot power the A/C.  Luckily it wasn’t too long after this was taken that we finally got power back.

Booyah just being cute.

Pippi squeezes into the smallest spot on the couch.

I am very honored to have two of my pictures selected to be in the CG calendar for 2012.  🙂  We received our copy on Saturday.  Congrats to all those whose pictures made the calendar.  =)  Both calendars are packed full of beautiful photos!!  If you would like to get your own copy, the adoption group I volunteer with is selling some.  Just visit VAGA’s store.  Flipping through both the desk and wall calendar, I was happy to see some of our greyhound friends made it in as well (Stanley, Stella, Paker and Jamie from Genji’s corner  , Anna from Greyhound Fairytales and Macy from Treasure What You Have blogs).

Pippi (below) makes it in to the wall calendar.

And Sunday (below) on her adoption day makes it into the desk calendar.  🙂

Lastly, for cuteness.  Below is Finley, Sunday’s brother, taking a nap.

5 thoughts on “Cuteness and I’m honored

  1. I never take having electricity for granted anymore. There was cuteness overload in this post. Congrats on getting the pics in. Looking forward to seeing the calendar when we get back home from Scotland.

  2. Wow – lots of great photos in this one! It kind of makes me feel like our kids are missing out though since they don’t get on any furniture – I love the pics of your guys in the chair and on the couch 🙂 Congrats on getting into the calendar too! Pippi looks like she’s having a ball running with that toy 🙂

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