Sun and Sand

We made our annual trip down for Beach Bound Hounds a week ago.  This is by far one of our favorite Greyhound events.  Grapehounds is our other favorite event.  This year we spent the majority of time just hanging out on the beach with the pups.  The weather this year was cooler than last year so the pups got to spend lots of time with us on the beach.  I managed to finish two books on this trip, yay!!  Mitch kept his daily exercise routine with morning walks on the beach and did sets of stairs too.  🙂  Above and below are just some of the cute pics of the pups enjoying their time on the beach.  We rented chairs on Friday so we would not have to lug our’s around and so we would have an umbrella.  Well worth the cost!!

Our view from our 6th floor beachfront balcony.

With an airport so close by, we saw lots of planes.

The fur kids made theirselves right at home while in the hotel room.

Although our forecast looked horrid, the weather held out for us for most of our week.  We have a few T-storms, but they did not last long.  Nothing quiet like sitting out on your balcony on the beach watching a storm roll in.  Mitch took these shots while I was in the shower.

Of course after the storm, the beautiful rainbow appears.  Look closely, it is there, although it is a little hard to decifer.

The sun was soon back out again.

We did a little bit of shopping on this trip.  Mac, the greyhound, was too cute to pass up (below) and besides the pups needed a toy since I failed to pack one.  😉  His collar has “We Remember 9/11” on it.  We also got two new collars.  We are working on getting NFL and College collars for our pups.  So far we have Colts, Patriots and Steelers.  On this trip we picked up a Florida Gators collar and an Ole Miss collar.  The Ole Miss collar was a lucky find!  I have been looking for over a year for someone who has made or would make an Ole Miss collar.  When we walked over to look at what the vendors had on Saturday, I wasn’t expecting to walk out with an Ole Miss collar, it was a pleasant surprise.  We stopped by the Happy Hounds Design booth saw the Gators collar and a few other college/NFL teams.  The two ladies at the booth had their sewing machines set up and were working on making bandannas.  They both asked if we were looking for something in particular.  Mitch said, “Do you have any Ole Miss collars.”  Lynne said no, but I have the fabric and can make one.  At this point, we were both thinking we would be getting the collar by mail.  Nope, she showed us the fabric and said she would work on making the collar and to come back in a few hours to pick it up.  Awesome!!!  When we went back over to pick up the collar, Lynne told us that last year a woman came by her booth with a friend.  Her friend purchased three University of Georgia collars.  Lynne asked the woman if there was a collar she was interested in and the woman said yes, but you won’t have it.  Lynne was intrigued and asked what team it was and said if she could get the fabric, she would make it and could mail it to her.  So Pippi’s new collar is only the 2nd one she has ever made.  Kind of cool!  Oh and her collars are priced fantastically.  $15 for one or $25 for two.  So long as she can find the fabric, she will make whatever collar you want.  🙂

Pippi’s new collar.  Go Ole Miss Rebels!!!!!!

We spent most nights with friends drinking wine/beer on the big patio and hanging out with the hounds.  Below is Trina’s Cali on Auntie Kristen’s lap, which I understand is one of Cali’s favorite places to be is in someone’s lap.  🙂  More pics of BBH can be seen at Trina’s blog (just click on Cali’s name above for the link).

Back on the beach, Maggie uses Booyah as a head rest.  Beach life is so good!!

So many of our friends attended BBH this year.  Newcomers to the event were Matt and Mindy with their hounds below.

Meet Norman.


And Sera (she is the one buried in the sand).  Talk about Beach Bums!!

Of course another great thing about the beach are the lovely sunrises we enjoyed from our balcony each morning.

It is always so hard to say goodbye to the beach!  I have said it before, but I really am a beach girl!  I could live the beach life every day!!  Until next year, BBH!!  We hope old and new friends will join us at BBH 2012.  If you haven’t been to this event, we highly recommend it!!

Stay tuned, Maggie’s 5th gotcha day and 11th Birthday post coming soon.

5 thoughts on “Sun and Sand

  1. Love the shot of Maggie’s head resting on Booyah. Looks like quite the dramatic weather during BBH. I’m not much of a beach person, but you sure do make it sound like loads of fun. Might have to join you guys next year.

  2. I always love your shots of BBH! The timing is always off for me to make it, but after being at Dewey Beach last weekend, I know exactly how you feel about being able to live at the beach year round!

    I love the storm pictures! Those are fantastic!

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