44 Paws in da house and lost info.

My last post on Celebrating Cueball’s gotcha day was cut off.  I had another cute pic and more verbage to share, but it some how did not publish……GRRR!! Just noticed this today at work.  I had problems with Blogger with not being able to post and now this is the second time I have had difficulty with losing info. in wordpress.  If this continues, my blogging days may be over.  I simply don’t have the patience for stuff like this, especially with such a slow internet connection at home. It takes twice as long to do anything.

I have gone back in and added the missing info.  Hope our readers will take another look!

Anywho, a few weeks back we hosted a fairly large, that is for us anyway, adoption day for VAGA.  Four hounds were adopted, including a set of littermates.  1 dog made the journey to Fredericksburg for his adoption day.  At the same time we were also hound sitting Sunday and Finley for the weekend.  We don’t hound sit often and these two are always a lot of fun to watch.

Below are a few pics from adoption day of the new families and some of Sunday and Finley’s recent stay with us.

Above is Dash and his new mom.  Below are littermates Livewire and Goodie with their new mom.

And last, but not least UMR Frenchie and his new mom and dad.

All the hounds have settled in nicely and are doing well!  Don’t you just love happy endings?  We sure do!  And, we love being a part of it, albeit a very small part.  🙂

Finley is a bit of an errr…….lap dog.

He did this most of the weekend.

Sunday tried to get Pippi to play with her all weekend.  Pippi was not having any of it.  Sunday did not give up though.

Of course we had lots of treat times during their stay.

Three sits.  🙂

Sunday and Maggie napping.

Sunday did have a comfortable spot resting her head on Pippi’s rump until Pippi decided to roach.  🙂  Poor Sunday.

We had a bit of a scare at around 11 a.m. on Sunday afternoon with Sunday and for the first time we heard the Greyhound Scream of Death.  We have heard others reference this and have read about it on others’ blogs but had never encountered it for ourselves.

Sunday was laying on a dog bed on the living room floor when out of nowhere she started to scream when she tried to stand up.  Mitch and I both went over to her and started to try to figure out what had just happened.  My heart was racing!  She screamed again when she tried to move.  We were really becoming concerned at this point.  She would not stand up at first so we tried to exam her while she was laying down.  We tried to determine if there were any points of pain.  Finally we got her to stand up…..It felt like eternity but it was only a few minutes.  We examined her again.  We could not re-create the scream.  She layed back down and we continued to monitor her.  She seemed to magically be fine.  Her mom and dad picked her up about two hours later.  We told them what had happened and advised to monitor her.

We are happy to report she is doing fine.  Mom/Dad think it may have been just a cramp.  She has not had any reoccurrence, which is great news.  That is definitely not a sound I care to hear any hound make ever again.  I now understand why it is called the Scream of Death.

Next up is our B&B Wine Trip.  So stay tuned!  We have lots more to share.  🙂

4 thoughts on “44 Paws in da house and lost info.

  1. Yep, Sunday has been fine ever since, so I guess she must have just had a cramp or something and freaked out about it.

    I love the adopted littermates – they are so cute!

  2. Sorry to see you’re still having problems blogging. Hope it all magically comes right!

    All the photos are great but I love the last one:)

    I am slightly familiar with the GSOD and it’s not a sound I enjoy! Thankfully, so far it’s been a lot of noise about nothing.

    Glad your adoption day was so successful.

  3. I can’t believe you have four hounds and this was the first time you have heard the scream of death! Lucky you 🙂 Thankfully, it doesn’t happen often – but, I remember the first time it happened with Buford…I called Debbie practically in tears and shaking because it scared me so bad and I couldn’t find anything wrong with him!

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