Celebrating Cueball

I am bit backed up on posts.  🙂  This week I plan to get caught back up.

Back on September 19th we celebrated Cueball’s 4th Gotcha Day.

 He is a dog who loves sunshine.  He lives to lay in the sun!  Probably why he loves our beach trips so much.

He is my most muscular and most active hound.  He romps in the yard daily and still has huge hammies even after 4 years off the track.

We get the most compliments on his ears.  I do think he has the best ears of any hound I have seen.  They are quiet unique. 😉

No hound loves blankets or this chair more than Cueball.

From day one Cueball stole his daddy’s heart!  We are very lucky to have such a fun loving hound to share our lives with.  We hope for many more wonderful years together!!


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