Pony Pasture walk

Since the weather was so beautiful last weekend and the pups had spent a long day on Saturday cooped up in the house while we were enjoying a local wine festival, we took them out for a little outing at Pony Pasture.

Ziva is an outdoor girl.  She would be content to stay outdoors all day long, if we let her.  Cueball and Pippi prefer the comfort of the great indoors. 

Ziva was so excited to explore the trails.  Her ears stayed perked up almost the entire walk!


The trails are not very wide and are surrounded by thick woods on either side.  Birds chirping, squirrels moving, leaves blowing by and other woodsy sounds captured her attention.  At one point, I think she was on stimulation overload.  She is a great little traveler and is always up for any adventure we bring her on.


We walked two trails that lead us to the water views of the James River. 


Ziva was very curious about the water.  I think she is going to love the beach.  We can’t wait to take her to see how she will do.  She doesn’t seem to be scared of anything except thunder.  Maggie’s thundershirt has now been passed to Ziva.  🙂





Mitch loving on his heart dog, our handsome Cueball.


Miss Ziva approves of this adventure. 


Back at home, Ziva had more energy to burn.  She recently discovered the outdoor toys.  She knows that these particular toys don’t come back in the house. 


She has found all of Booyah’s buried backyard treasures.  🙂


And we also received some exciting news. Booyah and Pippi’s pictures are both in the Celebrating Greyhounds 2014 Wall Calendar.  Booyah is the month of November.  This brought me to tears when I saw it.  We adopted him in November 2006 so it is a fitting month and a lovely tribute to our beautiful, special boy.  Pippi is also in the calendar.  Her pic is in the collage of pictures towards the front of the calendar.  Now all of our pups, except Ziva, have made it in.  So cool!  We are so humbled and honored.  🙂



I always enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures in the desk and wall calendars each year.  Again this year, we see lots of hounds we recognize.  Congrats to all who made it in!

3 thoughts on “Pony Pasture walk

  1. What a fantastic place to go on a beautiful day! I’ll look forward to photos of Ziva at the beach 🙂 It’s good to know Booyah’s buried treasures are being resurrected and enjoyed again! Congratulations on getting some photos in the CG calendar! Great that Booyah is being featured on his Gotcha Month!

  2. Between a broken leg, a missing leg, and sheer old age, we don’t really hit the trails anymore. Your young black girl seems to have a lot more energy than mine. Congrats on the CG pics.

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