Ziva’s Four!

I am almost a month late, but better late than never.  Yes, I know…..bad momma.  😦  We have been busy, busy lately.  I am hoping to post some of our recent adventures to the Mountains to see fall foliage and pick apples sometime this month.  More importantly, on September 28th, we celebrated the Diva’s birthday. Her big day is just one day after Maggie’s Birthday.  It was a very emotional couple of days for me, but we wanted to make sure Ziva’s day was special and was centered around her, so we did just that.  🙂


She turned four.  She is still very much in her “puppy” stage in life and has brought a lot of energy and fun to my aging pack.  Her favorite thing in the world is to play with toys.  She loves all squeaky toys, it doesn’t matter if they are small, large, long, short, hard or soft.  She plays with them every day in the morning and evenings.  She brings her favorite Teddy Bear to bed with her each night. So sweet. 

So she got 5 new toys for her big day along with a pup-pie to share with Cueball and Pippi.  She also got loves of love and attention all weekend. 

She was over the moon happy about her new toys.  🙂


When she gets a new toy, she takes it and runs with it down the hallway and jumps up on our bed to play with it.


She played and played until she wore herself out.




The Pup-Pie was a big hit too!


All the pups got a nice size piece with their dinner.


This was the first time they have ever had pie and they seemed to really like it.  It was easy to slice up and cut into small pieces.  It smelled like a ginger bread house.






The Diva had a great Birthday!  We look forward to celebrating many, many more Birthdays!!!!


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