Pippi’s special day, err I mean week

February 19th is a very special day for us.  It is Pippi’s Birthday, she turned 9 this year, and it is also her Gotcha Day!!  She has been part of our family for 5 wonderful years.  Her Birthday fell on a Wednesday this year.  On Wednesday, we gave her lots of extra loving and a special treat with her dinner.  On Saturday, we continued her celebration by taking her to our monthly meet and greet, where she was center of all attention! 


She got lots of loving from many folks who stopped by.  She enjoyed herself very much!  She also did great as our donation dog for the day.  She helped us raise over $59 for Greyhound adoption!!

Her favorite part was lying down on the job and getting some sun bathing time in.


On Sunday, we took a trip out to Stony Point Fashion Park.


We were fortunate to have such beautiful weather for her Birthday weekend.


We took a little stroll through the outdoor mall and then went to pick up Pippi’s Birthday cake at Three Dog Bakery. The pups enjoyed cake several times over the week.  They gave it 12 paws up!



Pippi really enjoyed the toy section.  She picked out a new toy.


She had a little ETS after so much celebrating.


Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day to the best snuggler in the world and one of the sweetest hounds we will ever know!!  We love you so much, Pippi, and are so thankful to have you as part of our family!! We look forward to many more wonderful years with our very special girl!!

Lastly, Ziva continues to amaze me in her recovery.  The Vet says I am more traumatized then she ever was.  She is likely right in that assessment.  🙂  She is doing very well and had an excellent f/u visit at the Vet last Thursday.  She is able to resume all normal activity!  All her sutures were removed and her internal boo boo’s are healing also. 



3 thoughts on “Pippi’s special day, err I mean week

  1. What a wonderful post with the birthday celebration, the great pictures of the dogs ( the humans were’t too bad either), and the commentary. I’m glad Pippy has you folks and that you have her.
    Also, so glad Ziva is healing so very well, and you as well!

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