Good Wine & Newly Retired Hounds

After an early (up at 4 a.m. to meet the hauler at 5 a.m.) and busy morning helping four newly retired Greyhounds go to their forever homes yesterday, we packed up the van and headed out with the pups to Cooper Vineyards.  Cooper Vineyards is a very dog friendly winery about an hour from our home.  The Winery has a beautiful tasting room and large covered deck.  They have live music on the weekends.  When we arrived, we did a tasting and then got a bottle of their Pinot Grigio and made ourselves at home outside on their large covered deck.  The pups were happy to be out and about with us.  They also enjoyed the cheese and turkey slices from our small picnic.  🙂  We were hound sitting Apollo this weekend, so we brought him along for his first Winery visit.  He did great.

Below are just a few pics of the hounds enjoying their afternoon yesterday.


Pippi kept me company and laid next to my feet most of the afternoon.

Apollo and Cueball listening to the Musician, Curtis Prince, play his guitar and sing.  He came over to our table and met the hounds during his break.  He dedicated his album to his dog, Sam, who was his best friend and who traveled up and down the East Coast and to Texas on all of his gigs.  Dog people are the best!



Ziva just looking pretty like the princess she is.


Apollo thinks Wineries are relaxing.  We couldn’t agree more!


My handsome hubby, Mitch, enjoying the music.  He liked the musician so much, he bought his CD and gave him a tip. 


And of course, I must include the four lucky hounds with their new forever families who were adopted on Saturday.


Above is KB’s Money Power, now known affectionately as Davey and his mom Renee.

Below is Devils Elbow, now known affectionately as Ivan and his mom Annie.


Below is Bon Vivant, now known affectionately as Tess and her mom and dad Ellen and Lou.


And last, but certainly not least is High Praise, now known affectionately as Lady Grey and her new mom Karin.


Adoption days are always the best!  We had an early, and busy, but successful morning and ended our day enjoying great music, our wonderful hounds, each other and some great wine!  I hope we have a long Spring this year so we can have more weekends spent just like we spent this one. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Good Wine & Newly Retired Hounds

  1. Early morning adoption and a winery visit with the pups. That sounds like a great day to me. Karin came with Lady to our Meet ‘n Greet today. Lady is clearly enjoying her retirement.

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