Bendy nose

Cueball would like to show his blogger friends his bendy nose.


Not only can he do neat things with his ultra cool ears, he also likes to bend his nose.  I was able to capture this one above during one of his daily stretches.

The weather turned cold and rainy again this week but before it did, the Crabapple Tree that we received as a gift in Maggie’s honor bloomed last week. Such delicate little pink blooms.  A fitting way to honor our Mags.


It was beautiful to see.  I miss her so and can’t believe it has almost been a year since I had to say goodbye to my special girl.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, my sweet Maggie Mae.


In happier news, the hounds, Mitch and I are getting ready for our trip to GIG next weekend.  GIG was the first big Greyhound event we had ever attended shortly after we adopted Maggie and Booyah in 2006.  That was seven years ago and we only went up for one day.  We are looking forward to going back.  It will be a special trip, as it will be a first for Cueball, Pippi and Ziva!  I hear a lot has changed in seven years.  We are also excited that we will get to hear Dr. Couto speak on Saturday and of course all the shopping and visiting with fellow Greyhounds and their people. Oh and a planned trip to a winery too.  We have lots of fun planned for next weekend!  I hope to get some great pics of our trip too.

Until then, Pippi says we should just take it easy and get some beauty rest so we look our best for all the photos mom plans to take.


Happy Easter to all our blogger friends!

4 thoughts on “Bendy nose

  1. A lot has changed at GiG ..before last year I hadn’t been since the year we adopted Dana (2005). But it is still fun. See you on Saturday. Are you going to the banquet Friday night with Dr. Couto speaking? We will be there but not at the one on Saturday

  2. No. We are not attending the banquet dinner. This is Ziva’s first trip staying in a hotel. I want to limit the amount of time she is alone in the hotel. 🙂

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