Five & Eleven

Recently we celebrated three big days in September.  I will share two of them in this post.  Stay tuned for the third big day in a later post.  🙂  September 14th marked Maggie’s 5th Gotcha Day and September 27th Maggie turned 11.  Hard to believe our little Monkey is eleven years old.  Time sure has flown by way too quickly!

I thought it would be neat to step back in time and share some of the photos some of you may not have seen before.  It was fun for me looking back through these old photos and a great way to celebrate the Queen!  🙂

Below is our adoption day picture (9-14-06).  We had no idea how much our lives were about to change!

Maggie getting settled in and getting the royal treatment.  Her first week in her forever home. Poor girl came up from the rescue kennel in Florida in heat so they could not spay her until her cycle had ended.  She was in a foster home for a week then came to our house for a couple of days then to the vet then to another foster home for an overnight.  She had a whirlwind first couple of weeks.

The only toy that has survived through the years is the frog who is laying flat in the above picture.  She brought a tear to me eyes when she started playing with this toy on her 5 gotcha day.  🙂

About 6 months with us.  Look how black her face was!

About 1 year with us.  Not only has she long ago stolen my heart, but now she starts stealing my seat on the couch!  She is quiet clever about going about getting a seat on the couch.  She will bark for no apparent reason to get the other hounds up off the couch and down the hall investigating her recent barks.  While they are busy she picks her prime spot on the couch.  She also is a drink thief.  She will drink right out of my water glass.  While I get up to get a new glass of water, she swoops in and steals my seat on the couch.  She has out smarted all of us a time or two.  🙂

About 2 years with us.  Starting to show more white in the face.

About 3 years with us.  Still spunky, still sweet, still inquisitive.  🙂

And at about four years with us.  The tribute post to her would not be complete without a picture of her with her favorite toy……Cuz.

It is no secret that Maggie is my favorite.  She is my heart dog.  I do love all our pups, but Maggie and I share a very special bond that is hard to put into words.  So you may be wondering just how this special girl spent her two special days.  She did what she loves to do the most.  She played with toys lots!  She also got lots of extra attention/love, and treats throughout the day.

We are hoping for many more wonderful years together!  We love our queen dog Miss Maggie Mae.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Five & Eleven

  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Gotcha Day to Maggie. It’s so hard to have a favourite, isn’t it! But I can see why Maggie is yours. She’s a doll. So wonderful to know she’s still playing with toys at 11:) Here’s to many more happy years together.

  2. It seems like yesterday that she came up to Virginia. Maggie could not have gotten a better forever home. As much as she changed your life, you changed her life even more. I know Maggie Moo will forever be your heart girl!!!

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